next morning, President Mauritius and President Seychelles returned to the country by plane. At this moment, the leaders of the four PMP it exam islands of the Comoros are planning a full time referendum to join the Williams empire.... On the morning of December 1, 2003, the government of the island of Angruo was the first to announce that Angouan Island will be referendum to join the Williams Empire The news came out soon spread all over the world, causing a great sensation South Africa, Mauritius, Seychelles, the president suddenly stunned, how they did not expect Ang Ruen Island will join the Williams Empire However, no one returned to God. A.t noon, Moherley and Mayotte announced at almost the same time, also PMP prepared to referendum to join the Williams empire Then, half an hour later, actually even the Comoros and country government also announced a referendum to join the Williams empire See these messages, people can not help completely dumbfounded This is already the entire Comorian country to join the Williams empire The The The world has expressed shock, not help focus on the next referendum The world s major media headlines are not Comoros will be incorporated into the Williams Empire news And the network has been very hot, the Comoros referendum became the first popular vocabulary. PMI Certification Lying groove, Williams Empire really TM Niubi, is simply dominee.ring side leakage, Quartet surren

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